Why Refinance Your Auto?

Refinance with our New Lower rate auto loan and $ave money. If you financed your current auto loan outside of PTFCU, you may not have received the best rate.  Let PTFCU’s Lending expert help you lock in the lowest rate auto loan. We have competive rates and we want to refinance your new or used auto. Lower rate equals more savings to you over the life of your loan. Appy online or in branch today.

Vehicle Protection Products that save you money. We offer a full range of protection products that extend the life of your vehicle. We offer the same coverage as you would find at the dealer, and we save you money on our protection products! Check out our Debt Protection, low cost GAP/GAP+, and Mechanical Repair Coverage.

Extended Warranty. We now offer extended warranty coverage with open enrollment. Break downs happen and we are here to help you plan for the unexpected. Call for free quote (806) 665-0057.

Save time with our online auto loan application. Apply for your auto loan online, safely and securely. Click here for LoanLiner Application.

Make your payments wherever you may be. Set-up loan payments via transfer within your PTFCU APP, ask about automatic payments, or use our free online Bill Pay. You can easily schedule a single payment or recurring payments for your PTFCU loan. 

Why Refinance Your Home?

Your home may be your largest monthly expense and it’s a great place to look for savings! If you have an existing mortgage with another lender, consider refinancing with Pampa Teachers Federal Credit Union! Our flexible terms, competitive interest rates and reasonable closing costs offer more options that may help you save money. Apply Here

Benefits our members enjoy when they refinance their mortgage loan include:

  • Paying off your existing mortgage quicker–Refinancing can mean switching to a shorter loan term, which could help you pay your home off sooner.
  • More savings– By refinancing your high-rate mortgage with a lower rate, you could save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.
  • Lower monthly payments– With a lower monthly mortgage payment, you could have more cash in your pocket for other expenses.
  • Are you ready to refinance your mortgage? Our lending staff is here to help by offering a variety of options and expertise to assist you with an option that is best for you.

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